Why Odia male urinate in the open?

Why Odia male urinate in the open?

First of all cities in Odisha do not have public conveninces. Secondly, if they have few, are not maintained properly. Therefore, male prefer to urinate in the open.
Before we launch Swachcha Bharat campaigns, we need to set in order facilities/conveniences in cities with automatic cleaning facilities. Then only people will start using conveniences.
In Odisha cities hardly have public dustbins. Then where the public can throw the wastage. The government should set up public dustbins for popular use.
Otherwise, Swachcha Bharat will remain a distant dream to realise in Odisha.

Article by :

Mr Pabitra Biswal


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  1. subhankari  February 24, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    Really appreciate your thought but one thing I want to mention that each individual has to change his/her mind set then only we can conceive of a clean nation. Before to blame any one we should take the initiative and it is also the moral responsibility of a civilized citizen.


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