Tipco Engineering a Leading Pioneer for Process Plant and Machinery

Tipco Engineering a leading pioneer for process plant and machinery

Tipco Engineering a Leading Pioneer for Process Plant and Machinery

Since over the past years, the country has been focusing on being self-reliance and industrialization. The rapid growth of different industries and in comprehending the client’s requirement felt the need to establish Tipco Engineering with the motive of being their savior the path in the area of industrialization. The company was established in the year 1985 primarily to be the manufacturers of process plants and machinery required by the chemical, inks, paint, food, minerals, polyesters, resins machines, polyester button and to various industries.

The company with the joint venture with the clients took up the challenge in finding absolute solutions and developing cost effective equipment’s & process for fulfilling their needs. With the supportiveness of the clients, the company’s reputation started soaring higher, achieving experience and knowledge of the manufacturing process and technologies, which are desirous of setting up of new industries in order to expand and diversify the present wok and activity.

Today, the company is growing three times year by year and it has achieved world recognition in the stream of manufacturing of a wide range of Dispersers, Mixers, Grinders, drying, milling and separating equipment and many others for various industries. Clients are important assets of the company and in order to tailor their need we work with them very closely.

Tipco Engineering uses high-tech machinery and fabrication equipment’s. The team of skilled workforce and qualified engineers carry out the 90% of work in the house. The machinery produced is check for its quality and workmanship very closely. The process plants and machinery produced by Tipco Engineering are based on proven technologies operating successfully in India and overseas countries.

Our produced plants and machinery once ordered we make no delay in commissioning. Our services are 100% hassle free production right from the day one of commissioning. Our vast knowledge and experience in the manufacturer of process plants and machinery are advantages who keep informing the clients because of which they are well informed of all the hurdles he may have to face before and after commissioning of plants. We directly consult with the original manufacturers in our country and are highly experienced. The process plants we provide are of cost effective, utilizing low labor and keep the clients in the best of the interest. The spares parts are also easily available.

Tipco Engineering is backed by highly expert’s persons. They have wide knowledge and vast experience in their field.

For more information, visit: http://www.tipcoengineering.com/

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