Puri beach

Puri beach

Puri is the abode of Lord Jagannath is one of the four Dhams, celebrated religious centers of India. It was once a thickly wooded hill inhabited by the Sabaras “Pre-Aryan and Pre-Dravidian tribes of the Austric linguistic family”. The sunny beach at Puri is one of the finest in the world. Watching the sunrise in spectrum of colors is a wonderful experience. It is one of the most popular sea-side resorts where visitors from any part of the globe can comfortably relax.

For the centuries now, the beach at Puri has been the venue of countless pilgrims taking the traditional purifying dip. However, for decades now, both Indian and foreign beach lovers have made it their special haunt.

The fine golden sands of  and the roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal have fascinated visitors throughout the ages. As it is with all the beaches of Odisha. Overcrowding is never a problem and the sight of holiday-makers having entire stretch of the beach to them selves is not uncommon.
With excellent beach facing hotels and guest houses, the Puri beach is an ideal holiday spot where you can easily spend a lot of time and relax.


Best time to visit Puri – Round the year.


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