Delhi based Creation Infoways revolutionizing digital marketing space.

Delhi based Creation Infoways revolutionizing digital marketing space.

Delhi based Creation Infoways revolutionizing digital marketing space.

While India is growing digital, companies like Creation Infoways is revolutionizing digital marketing space by providing simple & affordable way for companies, small businesses and startups to start & run their own online ventures. The company specializes in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Development services.

Satya Narayan Satapathy founded Creation Infoways in 1999. Satya, a small town boy from Odisha, came to Delhi with his dreams in the year 1996 just after completing his Graduation from Fakir Mohan University at his hometown. In Delhi, Satya was determined to do build an organization that helps people solve online problems. In those early days, India has just entered into the arena of digital growth. Satya who was passionate to innovate in the industry took an E-commerce class and then worked for IIT Kharagpur as Support Associate. Being in IIT campus he got a lot motivation towards entrepreneurship and idea of setting up a company took a shape.

In early days of start, the team found that existing approach of digital marketing is unsuitable for companies who wish to take their business online. Since, the growth of Internet, devices and accessibility became an essential part of the arena, Creation Infoways thought to establish a full-fledged infrastructure where companies and startups can take themselves online and achieve their desire.

Currently the digital advertising on various channels is tedious for companies and Creation Infoways is simplifying in most efficient way. Challenges are involved in selecting target, appropriate platform and measuring ROI success. This makes it very difficult for companies (especially startups) to look forward for a successful online venture. Additionally, technical implementation is very cumbersome, the failure rate of startups due to ill management of advertising is extremely high and the right solution is missing.

Creations Infoways is serving to companies & startups worldwide. Companies can ask for the digital advertising at nominal cost. Ad set and ROI are effectively measured and communicated to advertisers on regular basis so that decisions can be made out of it.

“We realized that most online advertising solutions were extremely cumbersome to get started on, especially for startups and SMEs. When we contacted a few online advertising companies, we came to know that they were asking for past operational records, presence of physical offices, security deposits and very high set-up fees. The online reviews of most of the online advertising companies in India confirmed bad experiences. And thus the idea of Creation Infoways got seeded”, said Satya Narayan Satapathy.

Creation Infoways is now having offices in India, USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. The company has been recognized for its on time service delivery, dedicated support team and ROI booster for the E-Commerce advertisers. From its establishment in the year 1999, company has kept on adding clients and offerings to increase its presence in Global Market.

“Most of the companies and startups were facing problems in digital advertising as Ad Agencies were charging higher and were unreachable for the early startups and low budget organizations. We decided ourselves to build an enterprise-friendly company that’s capable of developing and managing digital marketing at lower budget also. We are known to deliver high-end solutions for companies who look for greater brand visibility on search engines and on social channels at all budgets”, Satya added on market potential and client acquisitions.

Creation Infoways is having a vision of extending reach of online marketing for SMEs and startups and is committed to India’s Digital India Initiative launched on 1 July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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