Cocktail party and Celebrities!!

SJ's pen......

Cocktail party and Celebrities!!

SJ’s pen……

Well Bhubaneswar is growing in its own way..different people they have their own choice.. You can find celebrity most of the time in cafe Cofee day posing for selfee… Either its 3 o cl afternoon or 11 o cl night at ram mandir square ccd..

Although its not in my habit still I enjoy my weekend with some party animals..just to have a feelings of youthness of odisha…very much fashion in the art and artistic world is cocktail night..

Well what more to talk about the cocktail a star hotel at the convention center celebrity singer with modern outfit with classy slim fit dazzling short gown and a high hill gunbuut..culry hair with red lipsticks which can inspire the evening.. (Rang jamane wale adaa)..with her micro phone her soft voice can influence many..on the other hand glamour beauty of Ollywood comes to the party with a smart phone on the hand and a branded wallet with a sexy outfit..and the same time some couple celebrity comes to the party with magical entry…the evening starts with soft alcohol and wine with some starters.. A person like Me
who is a strict vegetarian no onion n garlic what I would there… But I enjoy much because I distribute my SMILE.. And taking compliments from each one..

This is about the brutal trouth of new generation of stars..some time we find some page 3 reporter and the celebs never forget to give pose..

In the classical world these party happen s but in a special way..classical artist I think does not like to hang out rather they prefer in their own group but isolated way..they like their privacy…

Glamour world and classical world has their own way to celebrate their happiness..either a success party or any occasion artist never leave the opportunity to celebrate with cocktail evening…

Dear I would like to add one line don’t go behind glamour and success ..success is not an achievement is a journey….

Saswat joshi

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  1. Saroj  March 1, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Superb article !!


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