Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake is India’s largest brakish water lagoon, spread over  Ganjam district of Odisha. Chilika lake has a unique ecosystem that was the formed by assemblage of fresh water, brackish and unique marine life. The lagoon was designated as a ” Ramsar Site” in the year 1981 and the place of International Importance. The lake is a home to millions of different species of fish that supports the life of local fisherman. Chilika lake covers a distance of 1,100 sq  Km and supports a wide range of flora and fauna.

Large number of birds migrate to this place for nesting like Ospreys, Flamingoes,Sand Pipers , Golden Plovers, Gulls and many more.

There are number of beautiful and serene islands that attracts millions of tourist every year like Honeymoon, Break-fast, Somolo, Kalijal, Rajahansa and birds. All these islands serve as a home to number of fisher man, Regular water bots are available to visit this place.

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