Odisha is a state of India, one of the musical centres of the South Asia. Travelling bards are a historic part of the country’s heritage. In the 11th century, Odissi folk music was codified into a classical style, related to other styles of Indian classical music and modern music.

Sohini Mishra: A Born Singer

Sohini Mishra: A Born Singer

Sohini Mishra is an Approved Artiste (B High Grade) of All India Radio, Cuttack. She is a classically trained singer since the age of nine. She has learnt classical music from noted guru and Hindustani exponent Pandit Devendra Narayan Satpathy. Due to rigorous training for several years, she is equally good in pure classical and […]

Legal Notice against Rangabati Returns for Copyrights Violation

Well-known Odia Sambalburi Rangabati Song which created a musical sensation in the seventies on MTV Coke Studio by Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty had gone viral like anything, but its being heard now, that The original Team of Rangabati Sambalpuri song, Mr. Mitrabhanu Gountia and Music Director Prabhudatta Pradhan have filed a copyright infringement against […]