Odisha Buzz.com is a web portal that brings information from diverse sources in a unified way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information   to display. This is an attempt to display a cultural, historical, famous community in world wide. Also to reach all Odia brothers and sisters worldwide through web pages.
We are trying to display all the current affairs, current events in the state of odisha, educational status in Odisha, new released movie and songs which are unknown to our Odia friends abroad Odisha, lifestyle of Odisha ,how the Odia people behave ,how they dressed, how they celebrate their festivals in global level.
This type of portals provides a point of access to  web cultural content that may not be indexed by standard search engines. Digitized collections can include artworks, photography, journals, news, music, sound recordings, film and archived websites as well as the descriptive metadata associated with each type of cultural work. This portal is usually based around a specific national or regional matters include.
It will solve the problems of people during travel ticket reservation, hotel booking, shopping, marketing, booking domain name etc.  Our site is dedicated to the people for the people. Our motto is to provide services and information to the entire web connected peoples.
News of Odisha is provided through which people can able to know about current highlights, top news of the current time, Odisha News, News images, news videos, and weather reports.

Through lifestyle you can get information about new fashion trend and prepare your life according, if you are fashion conscious. It also provides the some tips to improve your relationship which is hampered by various reasons like busy schedules, difference approach towards life, age difference and many more. You can get the solutions regarding your health problems through this site. And also gets the information related your good life and prosperity by using our horoscope.
Movies provide all information about movie releases, upcoming movies, album releases, box office status, and celebrity interviews.
Culture parts shows the handicrafts of Odisha, Cultural and folk dances, traditional dressing and many more. It gives us the basic information about Jagannath temple internal activities, devotional thought of Odisha, festivals celebration, customs obeyed by Odia peoples in their day-to-day life. Temples of Odisha shows the list of temples in Odisha through which a non-Odia or non-Indian people can able to find out the temple location easily. .
Educational parts reflect the education of Odisha in which we are trying to display the educational opportunities available in Odisha such as: recruitment, career counseling, and online courses available in Odisha. It provides the Entrance exam details and published the result also.
In Travel we are trying to help people during their trip to Odisha. We are here to solve your travel related problem likes Bus booking, Hotel Booking etc. It is our responsibility to make your journey memorable.Within the packages suggested by web, you can get all the facilities from morning breakfast to till night dinner.
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Odisha Buzz is not only a common portal to display Odisha’s features but also a media to communicate and connect people together. All types of advertisements, web promotions are available in this portal. Its aim is to make convenient all things for the people.